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925 Sterling Silver Snowflake Earrings.

925 Sterling Silver Snowflake Earrings.

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"Get ready for the upcoming cold winter days by adding a lovely pair of snowflake earrings.

Enhance your Christmas jewelry collection and consider celebrating a white Christmas with the purchase of our sterling silver snowflake earrings.

These rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver earrings with a snowflake design are a unique and sophisticated piece of jewelry.

The elegant snowflake pattern brings seasonal symbolism, and the high-quality 925 sterling silver ensures durability and long-lasting resistance.

Material: Rhodium-plated sterling silver

Each stud is finely engraved with silver detailing.

DIMENSIONS: Earring: 0.9 x 0.9 cm

Stick length: 1.2 cm

Closure type: stud

The rhodium plating treatment protects the silver against tarnishing and darkening, preventing mechanical damage or scratches on the jewelry.

Rhodium plating also ensures that the jewelry retains its shine and color. Hypoallergenic jewelry."

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